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Cook Talk

Party for 100
Schmeka Johnson
Hello how much will i need feed 75 to 100 ppl?
Serving hot dog, hamburger and chicken. Side bake bean, corn, green bean, and mac and cheese.
Schemeka, I have to suggest for 100.

hot dog, could skip, or at least get bun size Polish sausage, much tastier
hamburger, about 70
chicken. 1 piece per person;
sandwich toppings, see the list on the sandwich planning page. Buns to match amounts

Have a crock pot of vegetarian sausages or patties for any non-meat eaters.

baked bean, 3 gallons (4|#10 cans, or 8 pounds dry per 100)
mac and cheese, 10 pounds dry pasta, 10 quarts sauce, 1/2 to 1 pound cheese per pound of pasta
corn, 20 pounds
green bean, 20 pounds

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