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Baby shower ideas - HELP!!
I am hosting a coed baby shower for my daughter. It runs from 3 pm until, whenever. She is from out of town so I want people to come when they can to meet the new baby, and stay if they like.

My issue is food. I would like to set up a buffet and have it very open so people can eat when they like. However in worried about food safety so any suggestions there would help.

Also, knowing people would likely be here over dinner... Any help with that.

I'm picturing a snacky kind of spread of food, and then maybe at dinner just having chili and buns? The paternal grandma is determined to bring a taco salad... I was thinking to serve it around dinner.

There will be around 30-50 people throughout the day.

Any suggestions GREATLY appreciated.

OK, think of this as a snack fest till 5:30, then a simple supper. The snack food could safely stay out till 530 (prep plus serving less than or = to 4 hours, is very safe).

Do you think a European/Mediterranean twist would be interesting? If you live where there is a Middle Eastern Market, you can get the 4.4 pound can of 60 dolmas for about $9 (24 on Amazon), add a quart of good olives, a pound or two of cubed feta, and a jar of roasted red pepper strips or pepperoncini, for a handsome and interesting platter.

Add 2 quarts of hummus with 20 pita cut into 6-8 wedges

Or do a gallon of drained and rinsed gardiniera vegetables with olives and 4 pounds of cubed cheeses for an Italian twist

Then have a cheese and cracker assortment, with about 4 pounds of cheese (some can be logs) and 3 pounds of crackers.

A fruit tray- add a few quarts of strawberries to the tray for 25 on the fruit tray page

5 pounds of small meatballs or little smokies in 1 1/2 quarts of sauce in a big crock pot

2-3 pounds of chips with 1 pint dip per

For the meal, you can do the taco salad. For 50 people, about 4 gallons chili, 5 pounds of bread or rolls. Toppings include crumbled cheese, chopped raw onions, chopped tomatoes, chopped fresh cilantro, sliced jalapenos, hot sauce. Side dishes, green salad (see the plan for 100 salad section, use 1/3), really good pickles (2 quarts) and iced tea or beer.

Hope this helps.If you want more notes, write back. If this saves you time, trouble, or money, please make a donation, maybe a dime or quarter per guest, to support this site. Thanks.

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