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Cook Talk

Pre Prom Celebration
Hosting junior/senior pre-prom event in home. the event will be a 2 hour event.

Focus will be on taking pictures, however, would like to serve finger foods for guests.

38 students (or 19 couples). Only 20 of the students will have parents and family members coming to take pictures. They are not expecting food but I would like to be able to accommodate them as well.

Thinking I should look to cater for 75-80 (and this may be on the high side) in total.

My menu will be:

6ft hero (american -thinly sliced)
mac n cheese (1 full tray)

rice crispy treats


How much should I prepare of each?

Pre Prom Celebration- 80
We need to expand a bit. This plan would be helped by some fruits and veg.

Add 2 fruit trays for 25- see the fruit tray page
Add either 1 gallon of gardiniera mixed veg or 1 one classic relish tray or 2 veg trays for 25 from the veggie tray page

wingettes- these are messy to eat and expensive, consider the second sandwich instead
meatballs- 10 pounds small meatballs and 3 quarts sauce per 100
6ft hero (American -thinly sliced)- this is about 30 servings,you might consider 2
mac n cheese (1 full tray)- this is about 25 servings, with teens I would do at least 2

cupcakes- 1 per person
rice crispy treats- about 50
candy- for mints, chocolates, I do about 6 pounds per 100
chips- 1 pound per 15, 1 pint dip per pound
popcorn- I usually figure 6 pounds seed per 100, but I don't think you will need even 2 pounds
soda, use 1/2 the amount per 100 on the beverage planning page
2 bottles water per person, some left

Hope this helps. If this saves you time, trouble, or money, please make a donation, maybe a dime or quarter per guest, to support this site. Thanks.

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