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Help on quantities
Yvonne Gruber
I am helping with a High School Graduation. We are expecting up to 300 guests. Want a simple menu as there are 6-7 other parties people might go to. Menu is: Pulled Pork with assorted sauces, Pasta Salad, Pistachio Salad, vegi (carrot, broc, tomato, celery) with ranch dip, cake/bars. How much should I make of each? How many pounds of uncooked pork butt, How many pounds of vegi, How many gallons (or ice cream buckets) of salad? Other suggestions?
Yvonne Gruber
I forgot to tell you that it will be from 5 - 8:30pm. We will be using small buns like dollar buns.
Pulled Pork with assorted sauces, 55 pounds ready to serve, which is about 70 pounds raw boneless, I recommend shoulder; about 3 quarts bbq sauce per 10 pounds in prep, 3 quarts per 100 for table sauce
12 slider buns per pound
6 pounds thin sliced onions per 100
1 gallon pickles per 100
2 1/2 gallons slaw per 100

Pasta Salad, 6-8 pounds dry pasta per 100
Pistachio Salad, assuming the sweet, fluffy kind, 4 gallons per 100

vegi (carrot, broc, tomato, celery) with
ranch dip, plan on 2 carrot bites, 2 cherry tomatoes, 1 piece broccoli and 2 celery per person and 1 cup Ranch per 6 .

Full sheet cake makes 60 servings. Allow 3 small bars or cookies per person, for example, the huge brownies sold these days would make four.

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