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baking large quantities of boneless chicken breast
hi Ellen....I posted this question earlier ....My Vulcan is a commercial gas double oven 6 burner stove but it is not a convection oven......If I fill full sheet pans with boneless chicken breast and use both shelves in the oven is it going to take more time to bake than it would if I had less chicken in the oven? I need to bake 150 to 200 4 ounce portions for a wedding reception...I will be brining them first and after they are baked I will be placing them in an electric roaster with a chicken broth and cream sauce...sorry for the confusion I just don't want to plan on 40 minute bake time and have it end up being a lot longer and not allow enough time to get the job done
Start them an hour ahead in the preheated oven, turn to 180 if done.
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