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Graduation Open House
I've been asked to cook for my neighbor's son's graduation party. They are planning an open house from 12-4 and have sent out approx. 200 invites. The menu is:
Pulled pork
Loaded potato casserole
corn pudding
baked beans
cole slaw
veggie tray
fruit salad
They are supplying chips, drinks and desserts
I am planning on 100 lbs uncooked pork
200 small buns
2 gallons barbecue sauce
7 gallons baked beans
40 lbs cole slaw
approximately 40 lbs of potatoes
I am using your guide for the fruit salad and veggie trays.
I am not sure how much corn pudding to make as I will have to check my recipe and go from there. Is this enough food? I don't want to have too many leftovers. It's hard not knowing how many people will actually come and how many will eat at other parties before or after.
Graduation Open House-200 people
Many of the invites will be for couples or families so I am calculating for 200 diners.

Pulled pork, 100 lbs uncooked pork, 200 small buns
1 pound ready to serve serves 4 dinner size portions. It fills 5 regular buns or 10-12 slider buns. So for 200 diners, you need about 50 pounds ready to serve, no more than 75 pounds uncooked boneless; I like shoulder/ Boston butt.

For the 50 pounds ready to serve, get 250 full size buns or 500-600 slider buns- sliders are better for this type party.
Table sauce, above what is on the meat, about 2 gallons
Thin sliced onions, 12 pounds
Sliced pickles, 2 gallons

Loaded potato casserole, approximately 40 lbs of potatoes. I would not do less than 70 pounds of potatoes for this size crowd, they are VERY popular. And I would make some meatless for any non-pork eaters among the many guests (label it).

corn pudding, see the corn side dishes article, the link is on the Big Pots page

baked beans, 7 gallons baked beans, OK, again, some meatless for the non-pork eaters and vegetarians

cole slaw, 40 pounds, OK

veggie tray
fruit salad

They are supplying chips, drinks and desserts. Full sheet cake serves 60. Have some sugar free drinks in the mix.

If this saves you time, trouble, or money, please make a donation, a nickel or dime per guest, to support this site. Thanks.

Ellen, Thank you so much for your help.

I am using pork butt as it's always been my favorite to use for pulled pork as well. I will increase the potato portion and include some meatless beans and potatoes.

Thank you for the info on the corn pudding! That is the same recipe I use but I had no idea how many servings it made.

I have plenty of half size chafing pans. How many of these do you think I will need? I don't want to order more unless it's necessary.

Also, I look at your site quite frequently as I dabble in some small time catering from home. I would like to make a small donation. Small because most of my catering services are free for friends and family. LOL Where would I send a donation?

Ok, Monday mornings are rough! LOL I just saw the donate button and made a donation. Thanks again for all the information you supply!

Have a great day! My son, daughter-in-law and 2 grandbabies just moved to Texas yesterday so we will be visiting Texas a lot.

Thank you for your support.

A half size chafer holds about 10-12 servings, most items. You can always cook in disposables and refill your serving pans.

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