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75th birthday bash
Party for 200 ? Are these portions correct? Please help
300 pieces of roasted chicken
210 hot and mild sausages peppers and onions
6 gallons baked beans
30lbs cole slaw
6 gallons potato salad
Rolls and mustard
Charcuterie table
Six heavy veggie trays with two dips
8lbs cubed cheesees, 12 sleeves assort crackers
4 lbs mixed nuts, 3lb olives, 2lbs pickles artichokes,mushrooms 5lbs shaved meats
5lb red 5 lb white grapes
This is a lot of food, especially if many of the guests are near the age of the birthday person (are they?). Also, is it at a mealtime? Lunch? Dinner? Will there be cake, ice cream and or other desserts? Write back.
The guests age range is
twenty in their twenties
Thirty in their thirtys
Forty in their forties
Fifty in their fifties
The rest is a mix 50/50 teens and older
The party starts at 2pm on a Saturday until...
You're a catering angel
Thanks for helping !!!
I expect the party to go on in till 7:00 7:30
We are serving cake and coffee for dessert
75th birthday bash- 200
So it skews middle age plus, the planning tables tables will work well for you.

300 pieces of roasted chicken- 200 plenty
210 hot and mild sausages peppers and onions- do about 2/3 sweet/mild and label them or stick a bunch of obviously hot raw peppers on top of the hot ones for decoration
Do 1 crock pot of vegetarian sausages, my favorite is Field Roast
6 gallons baked beans- OK, maybe make 1 gallon meatless in a crock pot for any non pork eaters, then the rest will fit in a standard electric roaster
30lbs cole slaw, I usually do 40-45 pounds for 200, especially with no green salad
6 gallons potato salad, I usually do 4 gallons per 100
Rolls- 2 per person, get good ones, 5 pounds butter for 200
mustard, about 3 quarts, some spicy types

Charcuterie table
Six heavy veggie trays with two dips, OK
8 lbs cubed cheeses, maybe consider increasing to 10-12 and adding 3 pound block cream cheese with preserves, or a similar amount cheese log/spread
12 sleeves assort crackers- 10 pounds
4 lbs mixed nuts, usually 6 pounds per 100
3 lb olives, usually 3-4 quarts per 100
2 lbs pickles artichokes,mushrooms
At least 2 gallons, and maybe add a #10 of roasted peppers?
5 lbs shaved meats? Consider switch to very thin sliced summer sausage, pepperoni or other small hard sausage. People take less. 1 ounce per person is about 12 pounds.
5lb red 5 lb white grapes, maybe add 8 quarts strawberries? Good this time of year and often on sale.

If this saves you time, trouble or money, please make a donation, a nickel or dime per guest, to support this site. Thank you.

PS, Good health and happiness to the birthday person!
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