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Cook Talk

I will be cooking
Hello Ellen,

I will be cooking for my granddaughter's grandma repast very such (this is unfortunate). I have taken a look at your charts, it maybe approximately 80 - 100 people in attendance.

I will be serving leg quarters (cut in halves), mac n' cheese (maybe)?, yellow rice, green beans, garden salad, potatoes salad, deviled eggs, two sheet cakes, and waters/2 liters soda.

This is for 100, served buffet style.

leg quarters (cut in halves), 80 pounds, some cut

mac n' cheese (maybe)?, skip, you need the oven space. Maybe add a fruit tray instead, see the fruit tray page
yellow rice, 8-10 pounds dry

green beans, 22 pounds

garden salad, use the salad section at the top of the plan for 100 page

potato salad, 4 gallons, about 40 pounds of potatoes

deviled eggs, 4 1/2 dozen eggs, split

two sheet cakes, plenty, 100-120 cuts

and waters/2 liters soda. bottled water, I usually get 2 bottles per person. For 2 liter sodas for 100, see the beverage planning page.

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