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Ellen- you helped me 3 years ago & here I go again- need help, I have 150-175 guests - here is what I'm thinking, please advise...

150-175 pieces chicken deli
20 lbs meatballs
2- 10 lb hams
20 lbs cheesy potatoes
3 lbs pasta salad
8 dozen rolls
15 lbs veg tray
4-5 lbs strawberries
2 pineapples
3lbs grapes
Veg dip
7lb cheese
8 lb dip

Congrats on your efforts!

Meats good.

20 lbs cheesy potatoes- looks short. Usual to make at least 1 pound per 4 and for many crowds, 1 pound per 3 is necessary, esp. teens or college age
3 lbs pasta salad, ???, for 175 people, I would start with at least 9 pounds dry pasta
8 dozen rolls, depends on size, but at least 1 1/2 per person
15 lbs veg tray, maybe add a couple extra pounds mixed cherry tomatoes and baby carrots? Dip, 1 pint per 15 people

This looks like about 1/2 what I would do for fruit, what do you think?
4-5 lbs strawberries
1 watermelon
2 pineapples
3lbs grapes

7lb cheese, for this many people, double it
Crackers? about 9 pounds
8 lb dip ? For chips or what? Usual, 1 pound chips per 12-15 and 1 pint dip per pound

Would appreciate your continued support. Thanks.

Hi Ellen - I'm making lasagna for my son's graduation party. I have rented warming ovens that go to 200 degrees F. Can I take the pans of lasagna out of the fridge and put them in the warming oven and not bake them? Or would it be best to bake them first and then keep them in the warming oven as needed? Will that be ok and then into chaffer dishes to be served.
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