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BBQ for 70
Hi, I was wondering if I could get some help on the aamount of raw meat to purchase. I will be having 3 side dishes but just need to know how much meat to get, I will be making pulled pork, chicken leg quarters, drumsticks, boneless chicken breast and hot links. Your answer/answers will be greatly appreciated!!!!
Jordan, with 5 choices, you are going to have leftovers, a more realistic plan for 70 people would be 3 choices-

pulled pork, 14 pounds ready to serve, 5 regular or 10 slider buns per pound
4 pounds thin sliced onions
3 quarts pickles
hot links
1 pound per 6

Add package of veggie sausages or patties in case of any non-meat eaters- there may be a few.

chicken leg quarters,
boneless chicken breast
allow 1 single piece per person, Consider doing just leg quarters (counts as 2 pieces) and cut some apart after cooking.

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