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Beef Tips over Mashed Potatoes for 225
My daughter is having a gradation party and would like to serve beef tips over mashed potatoes. We are having the open house from 1 to 5pm. The planned menus also includes green beans and / or corn, orange tapioca salad, and cake for dessert. How much food do I need to buy? What cut of beef should be used? Is this an adequate menus? Lastly, how hard is it to prepare a large quantity of mashed potatoes? We will need to transfer all the food a short distance to the hall.
beef tips, top sirloin is the usual choice here, but if you are willing to simmer very gently for a longer time, chuck is a possibility. 40 pounds per 100. Use real beef broth or a good soup base for the gravy, not just water. Just make sure the meat is tender before you thicken the gravy.

If you add 16 pounds mushrooms per 100, you can cut meat to 36 pounds per 100

mashed potatoes, use a recipe like my freezable, holdable mashed potatoes on the Big Pots page

green beans and / or corn,
both would cut down a bit on the meat, how about fiesta or Southwestern corn for color and slipping some pearl onions or sliced almonds into those green beans?
About 38 pounds each, or 50 pounds if just one

orange tapioca salad, assuming this is sweet? 1/2 cup per person,about 7 gallons

Add bread/rolls (about 28 pounds, get good ones)
and butter (6 pounds)

cake, full sheet sing layer serves 60; plan at least 3

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PS. You might consider doing appetizers from 1-3 and dinner for about 150, 3-5.
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