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Wedding Brunch for 55 people
Need to be sure that I've planning enough food for brunch in 3 weeks.
Menu is:
Scrambled eggs - 12 dozen
Bacon - 120 pieces
Large muffins - 3 dozen
Bagels - 4 dozen
Cream cheese -64 oz
Lox - ? Not sure
Salmon - ? Not sure
Juices - OJ, tomato, Apple - ? Not sure
Yogurt 6 oz containers - 40
Granola for topping -not sure?
Fruit salad - ? Not sure
Green salad -? Not sure

Any help much appreciated! THANKS!
(I didn't list other beverages becaus I'm ok on those)

Brunch is a great meal for a reception. Would you be willing to tweak it a little by adding one showy dish? A fancy strata, such as the maple date strata on this site, or grits and grillades, shrimp and grits, etc.. Can be added with not much extra effort.

Also, will you be serving mimosas, bloody Mary's, sangria, etc? It affect amounts.

Also, Consider a non-green salad, such as a Caprese tomato, basil, and fresh mozzarella, for color and interest?

In addition, I would definitely go with mini muffins and small bagels- people like to try a little of everything at this type meal.

Do any of these ideas interest you? Write back.

Thanks, great ideas! Especially the Caprese salad - my garden's basil will make it perfect - how much to get?. Didn't think of mini-muffins and small bagels - Great idea! Not sure if the bagel store can do that, but will check. And we will have the makings for mimosas & bloody Mary's. Thanks for your help, much appreciated.
Oh, one more thing -- this is outside (weather permitting) :-)
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