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Birthday party menu for 75
I am planning a 6:30 pm party for 75 people with the following:
Caprese salad on a stick
pork tenderloin on mini buns
shrimp cocktail
pasta salad
chicken nuggets
Benedictine on corn bread fritters
dip and chips
cheese and grapes
vegetable display
Can you please help me with quantities. Thanks!
Most of your guests will not have eaten dinner, so you will have basically dinner level food.

meatballs, 10 pounds cocktail size, 3 quarts sauce
pork tenderloin on mini buns, 1 pound raw per 8, 10 buns per pound
chicken nuggets, 4 per person

shrimp cocktail, 1 pound per 5. 1 cup cocktail sauce per 6. If you do Mexican style in 3-4 ounce shooter glasses with chopped celery, cucumber, avocado, etc, you can do 1 pound per 7-8. For that, add saltines on the side, 2 per serving

pasta salad, 6 pounds dry pasta plus add-ins
Caprese salad on a stick, 2 per person, none left

Benedictine on corn bread fritters, at least 2 fritters per person, these will be very popular because they are unusual. Consider making ahead and reheating. 1 cup Benedictine per 5.

chips, 1 pound per 12, 1 pint dip/salsa per pound

cheese, 1 pound per 10, some could be logs or spreads
grapes, 1 pound per 12. Consider adding strawberries, 1 pound per 12
crackers, 4 pounds

vegetable display, 1 pound per 10, about 4 bites per person, see veggie tray page. Consider a classic relish tray instead with this menu, same page.

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This is great. I f I buy pre-made pasta how does the dry correlate to this? Thanks!
3 gallons definitely enough, 2 prob. But this is very easy to make and can be done a day or two ahead, much less espensive. Good recipes on this site!
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