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High School Grad Party
I plan to have a grad party at a club house with 95 adults and 20-30 teens/ kids. I plan to order pulled pork, rib tips, fried chicken, and possibly Italian Beef with gravy. For sides, steamed veggies, vesuvio potatoes, pasta, mixed green salad, and baked mac and cheese. I will also have bread, rolls and other pastry. Please advise on the quantity for each entrée. Thank you.
Sonja, EVERYONE is doing pulled pork this year. Would you consider doing the Italian beef instead?

Count this as 120, unless a lot of the kids are under 10.

rib tips, very popular, put last in the serving line, at least 1 pound per 3
fried chicken, 1 piece per person
Italian Beef with gravy, 1 pound raw chuck per 4 if sandwiches, 1 pound per 3 if plated
If sandwiches, get really good rolls, and sandwich trimmings are on the sandwich planning page

steamed veggies, 26 pounds

vesuvio potatoes, yum, about 45 pounds of potatoes
pasta, omit- between the potatoes and mac, you have plenty of carbs. If you want to add one more thing, how about a fruit tray, see the fruit tray page.
baked mac and cheese, 1 pound dry pasta per 10, 1 quart sauce per pound, 1/2 to 1 pound cheese per pound

mixed green salad, use the plan for 100 table, do 1 1/4 times the amount for 100

bread, rolls, 15 pounds, 3 pounds butter

pastry, or cookies, 3 small per person, or 2 per person if you are also doing cake.

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