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Lasagne for 110
I am catering a wedding reception for 110 people. Entrees are Chicken Marsala & Beef Lasagne. I will be using your recipes from Cooking for 100 as my basis. The wedding is 9 days away on Saturday.
My question is-
I am planning on making my lasagne ahead of time and storing in my church's freezer. Will be making 5 pans/24 servings ea. The oven being used can accommodate 4 pans in one side & 2 on the other. But will have to rotate during cooking process. Can I bake from frozen stage or should I defrost before. Your recipe reads at 375 degrees 50 minutes. What adjustments should I make?
I will prep my chicken the day before, hold in refrigerator then reheat day off possibly using electric roasters (have 3).
Baking Lasagne for 110
I should have posted BAKING lasagne for 110. Pretty clear on my quantities for making
With the chicken also, 4 pans would be plenty, and I suggest you make one meatless for any non-meat eaters in the crowd.

Safe to bake frozen, Use the instructions on the Stouffers family size frozen, allow 30 minutes extra, and 10-20 minutes standing time.

Be aware that 2 roasters will blow most circuits and check the site for sufficient circuits for the roasters- but 2 is likely enough for chicken for 110.

Thank you for responding. I have 2 cambros to accommodate the transporting of the lasagne. I may be able to borrow additional cambros to transport the Marsala which would allow me to pan up chafer inserts before departing. Otherwise I will transport roasters and pan up on site. I have requested a metal "hot box" from the clients rentals that I will heat up with sternos and will hold the Marsala & garlic bread. Not really sure to what temp it will reach.

Have thought about doing 1 pan or 1/2 pan of lasagne without meat and going with straight marinara. Will also be having Caesar salad, grilled & roasted vegetable tray, and garlic bread. Prior to dinner will be having passed appetizers .

Can you give me an idea on how long and at what temperature to reheat my chicken in the roasters? I will be using 4oz portions for chicken. Experimented with 6oz and was way to big. (I normally do it with medallion size pieces) Will sauce the chicken once it is panned up.

Please refer to the chicken marsala recipe on this site for cooking info. I always reheat the chicken thawed. Reheating without the sauce tends to dry the chicken; if you are going to do this, consider brining the meat 4 hours before proceeding.

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