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Baking & Reheating
am catering a wedding reception for 110 people. Entrees are Chicken Marsala & Beef Lasagne. I will be using your recipes from Cooking for 100 as my basis. The wedding is 9 days away on Saturday.
My question is-
I am planning on making my lasagne ahead of time and storing in my church's freezer. Will be making 5 pans/24 servings ea. The oven being used can accommodate 4 pans in one side & 2 on the other. But will have to rotate during cooking process. Can I bake from frozen stage or should I defrost before. Your recipe reads at 375 degrees 50 minutes. What adjustments should I make?
I will prep my chicken the day before, hold in refrigerator then reheat day off possibly using electric roasters (have 3).
Baking & Reheating
Posted twice, see the other one-
Baking & Reheating
Yes I found your post thank you.
Next question is:
Can you give me an idea on how long and at what temperature to reheat my chicken in the roasters? I will be using 4oz portions for chicken. Experimented with 6oz and was way to big. (I normally do it with medallion size pieces) Will sauce the chicken once it is panned up.
Baking & Reheating
Posted twice, see the other one. It is really helpful to post only once.
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