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Quantity of Meat Needed for 60 guests
I will be having a birthday buffet for 55-60 guests. My main sides will be Mac N Cheese and Nutty Coleslaw. As for the main entrees I will have chicken and tri tip but not sure how much to get. Any help would be appreciated.
Mac N Cheese, If you have bread/rolls, 1 pound dry pasta per 8, 1 quart sauce per pound 1/2 to 1 p[ound cheese per pound
Nutty Coleslaw, 12 pounds cabbage plus add ins

chicken, 1 piece per person (a quarter is 2 pieces, if you have quarters cut many apart after cooking)
tri tip, if you serve it, 2 pounds raw per 5, if self serve, 1 pound raw per 2

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