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Cook Talk

family reunion
I am planning on cooking the main meal for our reunion, we are doing cafe rio style burritos. w will be serving black beans, cilantro lime rice and shredded pork and shredded chicken. we will have 75 people about 20 of those people are children under 10. so I am thinking 65 servings total. would I be wise to plan on 4 servings per pound of meat since we will have all the other filling items inside the burrito? I am thinking 8 pounds of each meat would be plenty, what do you think?
About right, allowing 2 ounce per burrito, which is plenty. The proportions for toppings are the same as the taco bar on this site and I would plan as for 2/3 of 100. Usually 2/3 pork and 1/3 chicken unless the crowd is a bit more health conscious, you can go to 1/2 and 1/2.

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