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Bridal shower
Carol J.
I am having a bridal shower for my Granddaughter
and never had a shower. Do you play games first,
eat & then open presents? Having from 2:00 till
5:00. Having chicken, ham, rigatoni, potato salad,
parsley potatoes & tossed salad. Pop, punch &
coffee . All women. Cake for dessert.

Please tell me if this menu is good.

Thank You

Yes, that is a typical pattern, or you can do games, open presents, then eat.

You did not tell me how many people...
This is a heavy menu for an afternoon party, I make a few suggestions.

rigatoni, skip.

potato salad,
parsley potatoes
suggest you consider switching one to a vegetable dish such as roasted vegetables, a veg casserole
do 35 pounds of p1

tossed salad.

Pop, punch &
coffee .

It is often done that the hostess gives each guest a small gift or favor, such as a candy gift or some memento of the bride.

If this saves you time, trouble, or money, please make a donation, a nickel or dime per guest, to support this site. Thank you.

Oops the cat stepped on the computer before I finished.

Chicken, 1 piece per person
Ham 1 pound per 5-6

do 35 pounds of potatoes for 100 people

tossed salad. use the plan for 100 table, has dressing amounts also

Pop, use the beverage planning page, expect 1/2 to be soda drinkers
punch, about 6 gallons per 100, could also be lemonade
coffee , dinner level from the beverage planning page.

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