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Do I have too much/not enough
Grad party of up to 100 on 6/20. I have 175 pieces fried chicken, 21 lbs boneless baked ham, 2 #10 sauerkraut and 20 lbs kielbasa, Nacho bar with 32 oz guac 5 lbs taco meat 2 bags of nacho cheese 1 bag is 100 servings and other fixings. Baked beans 2 #10 cans -6.75 lbs of au gratin potatoes. I know I need cold sides, but do I have too much? Should I make cuts? And what cold sides do you recommend. Thank you so much, I am nervous about this. I have about $125.00 left in budget.
Lisa, you have extra of some expensive items, maybe you can adjust.

175 pieces fried chicken, way too much. 100 pieces plenty. Use the money to fill out some of the other items.
21 lbs boneless baked ham, OK
2 #10 sauerkraut and 20 lbs kielbasa, OK. I like a #10 of sliced apples and some caraway seeds in this dish.

Nacho bar
32 oz guac -skip, this is less than a tablespoon each, and will run out early, then people will miss it. You would need at least 7 pounds.
5 lbs taco meat I use 16 pounds ground meat to make hot dog/nacho chili for 100 people:
2 bags of nacho cheese, 1 bag is 100 servings, OK
other fixings, use the taco/potato bar page for amounts for other toppings. At least 3 quarts of sliced jalapenos.
1 pound chips per 10

Baked beans 2 #10 cans - usual for 100 people is 4, have a crock pot of meatless for the vegetarians in the crowd. Consider doing black beans or borracho beans instead, which could be used on both the nachos and the meats.

6.75 lbs of au gratin potatoes. Very very short. I do 35 pounds per 100. Save these for your recovery day!

Do a simple green salad, using the plan for 100 salad section, it includes info on dressings.

Possible addition, a fruit tray, see the fruit tray page.

If this saves you time, trouble, or money, please make a donation, a nickel or dime per guest, to support this site. Thanks.

Thank you so much, the au gratin potatoes are the dehydrated kind from GFS it says on the carton that one carton (I have 3) makes 35 4 oz servings. I guess I wasn't very clear. I have 3 cartons. I am happy to make a donation, you really helped me!
Add one more carton- people take quite large potato portions on buffet.
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