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Taco salad for 100
Hi Ellen,
I am enjoying reading all the questions/answers.
I am taking the lead on preparing a meal (with help from my church) for our local mission of about 100 people (including children). I would love to do a taco salad menu (this is something they aren't usually served). Can you assist on amounts etc. or any other suggestions to feed 100 people without it being pasta or anything related to the "hamburger helper" style of meals. Thank you so much!
Yes. How about a genuine taco bar, side dishes of Spanish rice and beans (I prefer whole simmered,such as the borracho beans on this site)? Take a look at the potato/taco bar age and then write back. The button is at the top of the main cooktalk page.

Also look at the "out of the trash bag walking taco salad". On this site.

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