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Graduation Party for 100, nervous..
Hi! I'm cooking for 100 (30 are teens) and 12 kiddos from 4-11yr olds)
25 lb Italian shredded beef
6 doz slider buns + 5 doz reg buns
20 lb chicken satay and peanut sauce
11 lb corn + avocado salad
11lb Asian Coleslaw
Cheesy noodles with toms and spinach ( in large turkey foil/deep pan)
Day ahead bean dip x 3(serves 100)
fruit salad (for 100)
assorted pop cans
4 cases beer
5 cases water
lemon aid
Large Sheet Cake
My concern is I will have unexpected teens who have not RSVP'd and I don't want to run out of food. I'm getting nervous and would love your opinion on the above menu and amounts. Thank You!!
You posted twice, please see the other one (for 90).

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