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Ham Scalloped Pot @ Celbration of life
Neil Mudde
I am thinking of serving the above at a Celebration of life, I thought of slicing the ham, precooking the potatoes, then put them in the oven before serving
Anyone haver suggestion how to keep this simple?
Would I need to serve a vegetable/salad I want to restrict it on one plate

I thought of strawberries on a white cup cake, with whipped cream..
Would appreciate your suggestions/comments Thanks Neil

If you parboil the potatoes, and make a good cream or cheese sauce,you can cook it very fast in the roster. I usually cube the ham, as it serves easier. If it has been refrigerated because made the day before, add a solid half hour to the oven time- check by using a thermometer, 165-180 degrees at the center, then turn the roaster or oven to 200 to keep warm.

You could add chopped broccoli or mixed vegetables, about 18 pounds per 100 to the casserole, or make a salad- use the plan for 100 table for amounts.
Simple rolls, 12 pounds per 100, 3 pounds butter per 100 would be an addition.

Each roaster or equivalent pan serves about 60 people.

Each can of whip cream serves 20;each quart of strawberries 8-10.

Hope this helps.

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