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Pasta, Meatballs, Italian Sausage and Peppers
Dear Ellen,

Please help! I am so worried right now and I desperately need a plan. I have made food for big events, around 100 for each of my four children's baptisms, first birthday parties and communions, but this is my first graduation party and I this will be the largest party yet!
I am cooking for my daughter's graduation party this Saturday. I was hoping for your help. There will be about 200 people coming to the party. I love the idea of pasta with three different sauces, as well as meatballs, italian sausage and peppers. :)

I am REALLY uncertain of quantity. Could you please tell me how much to make?

Here is my menu and my thoughts on quantity.

25 lb Penne Pasta
?Meat Sauce
?Marinara Sauce
?Alfredo Sauce

25 lb Meatballs
?Marinara Sauce

25 lb Italian Sausage

5 lb Peppers

15 lb Salad

200 Rolls or Garlic Bread

5 lb Parmesan Cheese

?lb Fruit Platter
?lb Vegetable Platter
?lb Cheese Platter

Also, I will have a dessert table. Is this enough?
72 Cupcakes
120 Cookies
Three 8" Cakes

Thank you SO MUCH for your help!!!
Have a great day!

Hello! I should say that we have 154 that are coming for sure and 117 that did not respond. I imagine that 40 may come from that group, so the total will be 194 and then we will also have my daughters friends that will filter in and out. That could be around 20. I had thought to do something simpler
Pulled pork, chicken, baked beans, potato salad and regular salad, but we would really like to do the pasta dish.
Had also thought to order sandwich roll ups for later on in the evening and have boiled hot dogs available.
If I invite 275, I expect about 230.

Baked pasta dishes, lasagna, mostaciolli, and/or baked spaghetti are very practical for this size group, loose pasta is not.

You probaby need t about double up on the desserts, or add a full sheet cake at least.

So how about a baked meatball spaghetti with a red sauce, a chicken alfredo or white lasagna and a penne with a basil pesto/green sauce to go with the sausage?

The roll ups are f ine and easy for later. Maybe pigs in a blanket instead of boiled hot dogs?
If you like these ideas, or have similar ones, write back.

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