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Breakfast casserole
Hello, I am looking for an easy egg and cheese casserole I can cook in an 8 quart pan. About how many do you think it will serve? I will be using a chafing dish to keep it warm after cooking.
Hello Kathy, see this is your second round of posts, so you must be feeling urgent.

The festive family brunch page has several "strata" recipes, eggs, bread, other good things that are one option.

8 quart pans actually hold about 7 quarts, serves 25 or so entree portions.

Consider all the impossible pies, which are quiche-like and don't require a chafing pan.

No very good way to hold pancakes, just don't overlap them any more than you have to, and don't cover tightly. Do make sure the pans are hot before you put the food in, can take 1/2 an hour.

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