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Wedding reception for 200
Hi Ellen, We are helping a friend with their daughters wedding. The wedding is at 2:30 pm. Do we have the amounts right? Thanks so much for your help! Chopped BBQ pork sliders - 70 lbs BBQ pork - 25 lbs rolls. Teriyaki chicken on a stick - 60 lbs chicken thighs. 12 lbs cheese ball - 10 lbs crackers. Warm cheesy bacon dip - 20 lbs. Tortilla chips - 10 lbs. Sweet Tea 12 gallons, 8 gallons unswert tea and 12 gallons lemonade. Thank you!
Jana, this is an afternoon reception unless you expect everyone to stay into the late evening.way too much meat and not nearly enough fruits/veg/salady stuff. With 200 people you will have some non-meat eaters, and there is nothing for them, even the dip has meat.Basically, half as much meat, and add fruit trays, at least one type relish or veg tray (see the veggie tray page); sliced onions and pickles for the bbq, and 3 gallons slaw; 15 pounds cheese balls, at least. I suggest slider buns, 12 per pound of meat, instead of full size buns at 5 per pound.

Warm cheesy bacon dip - 20 lbs. Plan 1 pint dip per pound of chips, and with this heavy menu, I suggest a salsa for part of the dip.
Tortilla chips - 10 lbs. 1 pound per 12-15

I definitely also add some kind of unusual dish, a corn and blackbean mix, texas caviar, 4 bean salad, something like that.

Sweet Tea 12 gallons, 8 gallons unsweet tea and 12 gallons lemonade. OK, add 2 bottles water per person and consider reception level coffee with the cake, see the beverage planning page.

Write back. If this saves you time, trouble, or money, please make a donation,maybe a nickel or dime per guest, to support this site. Thanks.

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