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sweet 16 party
I am planning a semi-formal sweet 16 for my daughter in September. It is a princess theme. She has a ball gown to wear. I need some food Buffet ideas and drink ideas. We have a DJ and I rented a large hall. I was thinking of making meatballs. Note sure what else to do on a budget. 100 people 1/2 are teens. Full buffet so i can enjoy the party also. I can cook in advance, i don't want all red sauce food. Potato bar ? I have NO idea about it. Taco bar is to messy. I also need food for adults. Please advise
I also need ideas for other dished to serve with the potato bar. I'm thinking a large salad with side topping, meatballs in sauce, chicken strips and baked ziti. Not sure if I need the chicken or what else to have for food. Also what types of drinks should i have besides bottled water.
If you are going semiformal, a pleasant and not too costly option would be appetizers with a rice pilaf from the oven, one of my wedding chicken recipes in sauce such as honey Dijon chicken or chicken Marsala, which can be made ahead and frozen; 2 veggie side dishes, salad; and a dessert buffet (very popular with this age group). Does this sound interesting? Write back.

It would be lovely to avoid anything that lookedf like cafeteria food.

i am planning a baked potato bar simple topping adding cheddar cheese, broccoli, bacon, sour cream, chives and ranch. I also am having baked ziti, meatballs, salad and chicken strips with dressings.
Not sure how many trays of each I need for 100 people?
For desert I was planning a cupcake tower, assorted cookies, marshmallow pops. not sure what to do about drinks, beside bottled water?

My sister in law is also doing a candy bar for favors.
On a tight budget but want it nice.

For 100 people, do 2 serving lines or one double-sided line

baked potato bar simple topping adding cheddar cheese, broccoli, bacon, sour cream, chives and ranch. Any help you need with this, check out the taco/potato bar page. Do for 100 if you skip the ziti, for 60 (or 2/3 of 100) if you also have the ziti.

baked ziti, Consider skipping and adding small hoagie rolls for the meatballs, because you already have the potatoes. If you have both potatoes and ziti, do about 8 pounds of dry pasta plus sauce, 1 quart per pound.

salad, use the plan for 100 page

chicken strips with dressings, depends on size of strips, about 30 pounds
meatballs,20 pounds, 6 quarts sauce, 5 containers Parm cheese

If you do rolls, do about 80 small hoagie rolls plus about 6 pounds sliced cheeses

cupcake tower, assorted cookies, marshmallow pops
1 cupcake, 2-3 smallish cookies per person. about 60 pops. This depends a lot on local tastes...

For beverages, see the beverage planning page.

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Thanks, I was doing the ziti and need to know how many large trays should I do? Also thinking of doing the Perdue or tyson frozen breaded chicken strips. They come in a 5lb bag. How many should I get? 100 people.

i am doing meatballs and planning on small hogie rolls. no cheese.

planning on caned soda and water. how many for 100 people.

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