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Reheating meat
Hi, I have made 30 lbs of grilled chicken breast, then cubed and froze in gallon bags. I now need to reheat before placing in 1/2 sized steam pans over sternos. What do you recommend as the best method of doing so. Also wondering if I can utilize my gas grill as a heating method, running out of oven space.
I also have 20 lbs of carne asana to reheat.
This is for make your own burritos & rice bowls. Can you tell me how many approx. this will serve?
Thank you !
Around 170 people.

Anything frozen, completely thaw in the refrigerator, not room temp, before starting. Reheat tightly covered either in the preheated oven or on the stove top, with some liquid in the pan for the chicken, broth is better than water. If the grill has a full cover, it can be preheated like an oven and the covered pan place inside with the cover closed.

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