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Party for 40 people
Hi, Im planning on catering a party and the trays of food are usually 8-10 (small) or 10-12 (large) . It will be for 40 people. Im having a pasta, salad, chicken francese, vegetable, sausage and peppers, sandwiches. how do i calculate how many trays to order?
This looked like a dinner until the sandwiches. What kind of event, when does it start, how long does it last? Also, please specify the actual sizes of the "small" and "large" trays. Write back.
beth g
Hi, it is a 60th birthday party. very casual. it would be for about 4 hours. Im having trouble calculating how much food to order since the last party i had, i had way too much food. Im also going to have chips, dips, veggie platter as well. that im not concerned with. The trays i mention, are the aluminum catering trays. the small feeds 8-10 people and the large feeds 10-12 people.
OK. What I would do is:

pasta, 4-5 pounds dry
salad, 1/3 the amou7nt for 100 on the plan for 100 page, plus some extra add-ins, no onions

vegetable, 11 pounds ready to cook, not corn, probably some left

chicken francese, 1 pound raw boneless chicken per 4
sausage and peppers, 1 pound sausage per 6, equal weight veg, prob some left

sandwiches, 1/2 per person, prob some left

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