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Cook Talk

anniversary party
We are planning a casual open house for 175 with half the crowd being children & senior citizens. The hours are from 2-5 p.m..
The menu is:
Open faced sandwiches on buns - cheese, ham & turkey. Allowing 2.5 sandwiches/person
Baked beans - 6 foodservice cans (117 oz. each)
Homemade potato salad - using 50# potatoes
Watergate salad - 4 gallons
Orange tapioca fluff - 4 gallons
1 full sheet cake + 120 cupcakes
600 cream cheese mints
6 gallons punch
Guests will also be able to purchase soda or alcoholic beverages at the event center bar.
Do these quantities seem ok or do some need to be adjusted? Thanks for your help!
You did a good job!This is very tight, it is likely that with a lot of seniors and kids you will be fine; maybe one more can baked beans, or add a relish tray (2 classic relish trays from the veggie tray page) or veggie trays or tossed salad.? The only thing that definitely needs adjusting is the punch; I usually allow at least 8 gallons per 100 for punch or lemonade.

Have a happy event.

Thank you so much for your quick response! I will add a relish tray and adjust the drink amounts. Thanks again!
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