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Cocktail Hour + reception for 100
I am hosting a wedding cocktail hour and reception for about 100 people. I would like to put together a pasta salad, cheese platter, fruit and veggie platter for the cocktail hour. We have additional catering for the reception (food truck) but would like to provide the pasta salad and platters as additional options during the reception as well. Total length of time is about four to five hours.

I noticed that some of your platters list quantities to serve 25-30. If I want four different items for 100 people should I just purchase enough pasta/cheese/fruit/veggies for each 25-30 person tray and the sum will serve 100 or should I multiply each tray requirements by four?

I've spent a little more time reviewing your website and have come up with some quantities that I think may be adequate, if you could confirm.

Cheese: 16 lbs
Veggies: 28 lbs
Fruit: 32 lbs
Bread and crackers: 24 lbs
Tortilla chips: 24 lbs
Dip/salsa: 8 lbs
Olives: 6 lbs
Pasta Salad: 8 lbs

Let's save you some money.

Cheese: 16 lbs, 12 enough, some can be logs or spreads
6-8 pounds crackers
Don't need bread unless you want to add something to go with it; 10 pounds plus 10 pounds sausages or deli sliced meat? Don't forget mustard

Veggies: 28 lbs, 12-14 pounds ready to eat, 1 cup ranch per 8-10

Could add 1 1/2 gallons gardiniera vegetables or gallon hummus dip for variety

Fruit: 32 lbs? 16-20 pounds ready to eat with 1 cup sweet dip/yogurt per 8. plenty

Chips, 1 pound per 10, Dip/salsa: 1 pint per pound chips

Olives: 6 lbs, 1 gallon

Pasta Salad: 8 lbs , start with 6 pounds dry pasta

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