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Cook Talk

Reheating pulled pork
I bought 24 lbs of prepackaged fully cooked pulled pork . I am wanting to take it from its foil tin and heat from thawed (thawed in fridge) using an 18qt roaster oven. What temp and how long should it be cooked? Do you recommend 1 or 2 18 qt. roaster ovens for this task?
2 would be better, faster and less likely to scorch. However remember that 2 roasters will blow most household circuits. I deal is to reheat in the regular oven in the pan and carefully transfer the hot pan to the preheated roaster.
Preheat to 350 before placing covered meat. About 1/2 hour per inch of depth. Stir When it reaches 165 in the middle, turn roaster to 180.
Unfortunately I will not have access to a stove as I will be at an event center. I am not sure I would have room for the foil containers in the roaster ovens. Would you recommend emptying out the containers into the roaster oven and cooking at 350, please note I will be heating this pork up for approximately 3 hours- it will be coming straight from the fridge. Your help is appreciated.
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