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Summer bbq for 120ish?
Hi Ellen - We are doing a backyard BBQ for approx. 120ish (90-100 adults, 20-30 kids). Looking for your input on the menu. Thanks for any help!

80 # pig - whole roasted
piece chicken (legs and thy) - 100-120 pieces
BBQ sauces to go with (2-3 kinds)
Potato salad - 5 gal
Slaw - 3 1/2 gal
baked beans - 3 1/2 gal
piece corn (40 ears cut in 3) - 120 total
mac n' cheese bites (small cupcake size) - 200 bites
roles - 150
watermelon - 100 #
grapes - 30#
various desserts (candy / cupcake bar)
variety of chips & dips

As a note, my husband was only going to serve the pig but folks can be squeemish about a whole pig roast so I wanted to do chicken as an offering for those folks. Was figuring less than 1 piece per person, but I could be wrong there.

Thank you!

And can I just add that I am finding this page to be the most helpful resource for planning to feed a large crowd that I have ever come across! Thank you so much for your time and efforts here, you have saved me much stress with the resources you have provided! Donation made...keep up the great work!
Thank you, for the donation.

80 # pig - whole roasted
piece chicken (legs and thy) - 100-120 pieces, some left, count quarter as 2 pieces

Meats OK, you will have some left. Have 1 crock pot of vegetarian sausages (I like Field Roast) or patties for any vegetarians
BBQ sauces to go with (2-3 kinds), about 2 gallons total
Need 8 pounds sliced onions
Need 1 gallon pickles
Need rolls suitable for bread or sandwich, 5 per 4 persons

Potato salad - 5 gal, plenty
Slaw - 3 1/2 gal, 3 plenty
baked beans - 3 1/2 gal, plenty, again have one crock pot meatless, labeled
piece corn (40 ears cut in 3) - 120 total, none extra
butter, 3 pounds
mac n' cheese bites (small cupcake size) - 200 bites, probably gone; consider 1 1/2 per adult, 1 per kid

watermelon - 100 #, plenty, don't cut the last one till you see how it is going. Keep them iced.
grapes - 30#, OK, prob some left, could do 20
various desserts (candy / cupcake bar), see the dessert buffet page for help on quantities. Consider minimizing candy; kids can get sugar hyper. Consider omitting nut types for allergies.
variety of chips & dips
1 pound chips per 10-12, 1 pint dip per pound

awesome, thank you!
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