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Bridal shower next sat 9/5/15
I am throwing a bridal shower for 30 people i will be have bbaked ziti. Meatballs and roastbeef the sides will be potatoe salad and pasta salad and spicy breadsticks how mich baked ziti and roastbeef and meetballs should i be getting
Hi, Kris,

This is a very heavy menu for the shower. I suggest you do a green salad and a vegetable with the ziti and meats, rather than potato and pasta salad- and it will be cheaper, too!

baked ziti 4 pounds dry pasta if you don't do the heavy salads, 3 if you do
roast beef, 7 pounds deli sliced, ready to serve
meatballs, 4 pounds small

For the salad and veg do 1/3 the amount on the plan for 100 page.

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