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Cook Talk

150 guests
Having a nacho bar as the center of the meal. How much and what should I have for items? After 5 pm
Essentially, this is a taco bar with chips and sauce instead of shells, since you want "super nacho level" nachos as a meal. Take a look at the taco bar for 100; you would do 1 1/2 times the amounts. I usually cook up the pan of Spanish or Mexican rice on the side when it will be a meal. If it is youngish people, at least 1 pound chips per 5. Meat, sour cream, beans (whole type is better than refried for nachos), jalapenos, sauce; maybe olives, guacamole, budget permitting.

You need at least 2 serving lines, and 3 would be better, since this is a VERY slow moving line as people ponder their topping decisions.

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