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I'm having a birthday party for my mom
Darian Rhem
I'm having a surprise birthday party for my mom's 60th birthday.I have approximately 150 people attending. The menu I had in mind was ham, turkey and meatballs with perlo rice dressing corn green beans potato or pasta salad rolls salad and fruits.I need to know how much food to purchase I'm so lost!!! Please help!!!
If this is mostly people her age you will not need as much food as I am suggesting here, a good 10% less.

ham, 1 pound per 6
turkey , 1 pound per 5
meatballs, 10 pounds per 100, 3 quarts sauce per 10 pounds
I am assuming the ham and turkey are deli sliced, not whole bone in.

perlo rice dressing , start with 12-15 pounds rice (depends on appetites) and make some meatless rice pilaf for any vegetarians attending
corn, 28 pounds ready to serve
green beans, same

potato or pasta salad , with the rice do only 1 and do for 100, using quantities from one of my recipes for 100

rolls 16 pounds (or do 5 standard size or preferably 10-12 slider rolls for each pound of sliced meat if planning sandwiches

salad use plan for 100 table, 1 1/2 times

fruits, use fruit tray page, the deluxe tray for 100 would be about right if you are having cake for dessert

You can also consult the beverage planning page , and the sandwich page for condiments.

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