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Wedding in November
I need some help for a wedding looking at serving between 50-75? and the food budget is/was $300.00 and they are asking for Turkey, Ham,cornbread dressing, gravy,greenbeans, rice pilaf, cranberry sauce and rolls, sweet and unsweet tea and water and my question is how much of each item do I need to get?
Thanks in advance!
Bridget, are you donating your services? This is a very low budget for this meal.
It seem like it so, I told her that I would have to charge $12.00 pp or we can redo the menu and do you have any suggestions Help I am new at this
Bridget, if you have never done a dinner of this type for a party this size, please think long and hard before accepting. A wedding reception is absolutely the most difficult catering job because it has to be perfect. These folks are clearly not realistic about hiring someone ( a person normally expects to pay about the same for a catered meal that it would cost in a restaurant, and you can estimate what that meal would cost in a restaurant) and a wedding reception also needs an appetizer arrangement. For 300, they can expect drop off of a supply for an afternoon tea reception, no service, no staff. Even a catered bbq meal is 12-15 per person...
If you think you might do this as drop off only, please use the contact link at the top right of the page to contact me privately.
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