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wedding for 110
I feel like my quantities are to high so I wanted to double check them. For a wedding. 110 people. Apps at 545 dinner by 7. Dinner is Doing sausage and peppers,chicken marsala,cold pasta,and hot penne pasta (red sauce),cesar and tossed salad and rolls.
Sausage and peppers :
20lb sausage (80 links)
13 onions
13 red peppers
13 green peppers
7 red onions
3 1/2 cups wine.

Chicken marsala:
36 lbs chicken
16 lbs mushrooms
20 (10.75) cans cream mushroom
20 cups dry and reg marsala

Red sauce penne pasta:
13 lbs penne
Making sauce:
3 10# cans whole peeled Toms
1 10# can tom sauce

Bow tie cold pasta salad:
13 lbs bow tie pasta
4lbs broccoli
80 oz cherry Toms
Red and green peppers
16 cups creamy dressing mix

10 dozen rolls
4lbs individual wrapped butters

Cesar salad:
4 lbs romaine
1 1/2 qt cesar
3lb croutons
2 lbs shredded parm

Tossed salad:
7 lbs
And dressings.

I didn't include qualities of seasonings but of course will be there too.thanks in advance.

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