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Wedding Buffet for 100
As a wedding gift to my sister... my husband and I offered to do all the food--- I'M FREAKING OUT AND FEELING OVERWHELMED LOL--- she wants a burger bar with yummy toppings, but also wants to consider a few of her vegetarian friends--- so we can buy a pack of veggie patties for them I suppose... wedding is October 10, 2015.

guests rsvp is apx 95-105 (plus a few workers)

Dinner Menu:
Beef Burger Bar
Baked Mac-N-Cheese
Spinach Salad
Fruit Salad
(10 veggie patties- for vegetarian guests)

how much:
ground beef for 1/3 llb patties
how many:

toppings for burgers:
grilled onions
raw onions
grilled mushrooms
dill pickle chips
sliced cheese (cheddar, pepper jack, bleu cheese)

Side dishes:
baked mac and cheese:
elbow noodles
sharp shredded cheese
cream cheese
black pepper
french-fried onions for topping
(do I need eggs or half-and-half- ive done it so many ways, what are your thoughts?)

Spinach Salad:
spinach and mixed lettuce
candied walnuts
vinaigrette dressing

Fruit Salad:
honey dew

how many serving:

we will be using disposable sterno stands and pans--- we have 15 I think.

when can i start prepping things?

BTW: I am also a bridesmaid UGH! haha

BTW, the party is in a little (lot of) trouble here. You can count on 85% of the invites appearing, not just the rsvps. You might be looking at 150...You or someone needs to hire, ie pay for, an experienced person to oversee the prep while you are busy with the wedding, photos etc.

Also, a party of this type for 100 requires 2 people on the grill, 1-2 in the kitchen, and 4-5 out front to set up, serve and clean up the party. Most of these will be working, not attending the wedding. Sources of help; experienced church lady cooks, who often have teen service clubs or such available as helpers; diners that close on the day of the wedding, etc. GET SOME HELP!!! You might consider getting off bridesmaid duty.

Anyway, because grilling is the most difficult buffet service, you also desperately need an appetizer plan to give people something to eats while they wait for the photos, food to be set out, turns in line, etc.

So first go back to the bride and see if she will consider meatball hoagies instead, much simpler to prep and serve in this situation, and can still have all the toppings. If not, would you consider grilling burgers ahead and reheating day of? You really are facing a problem with on site grilling of this many patties.

The mac and cheese can be made ahead and frozen, or you might seriously consider Stouffers with extra cheese and the fried onion topping. Catering sizes available in Sysco and Restaurant Depot. 1 pound pasta per 8, 1 quart sauce per pound, 1/2 to 1 pound cheeses per pound; add-ins are up to you. Do you have enough oven room?You cannot cook in the chafers.

Amounts for spinach salad on the plan for 100 page. Suggest you have additional side salads- 2 -2 1/2 gallons each of 2 other cold dishes such as a marinated mixed bean salad, and veg salad, per 100. This will also help out your vegetarian guests.

Appetizer plan
Move the fruit salad to the appetizer plan as fruit trays, see the deluxe tray for 100 on this site.

Add veggie tray, see veggie tray page.

Do chips and dips, 1 pound chips per 12, 1 pint dip per pound

Consider a special dip or spread, 2 quarts, could be cheese, cream cheese, 7 layer dip, etc, recipes on this site; or cheese tray 6-8 pounds cheeses some could be logs or spreads, with 5 pounds crackers.

You will need 2 serving lines or 1 double sided serving line. Serving depends on the final menu.

Assuming you will have sit down tables, some of the burger toppings can go on each table, it will speed up the lines a lot.

You go powwow with the bride and write back. I will help all I can.

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