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Need #/lb chicken strips wedding 80 guests
Planning 2 of the 4 entrees for friends wedding. Need to get idea of how many lbs of chicken strips & meatballs to get. The other entrees are pulled pork & another BBQ item (cannot remember for sure) plus potato salad, beans, rolls. Bride says planning on 80 I believe. How many lbs of chicken strips should I get considering there are other entrees available? I am also making the meatballs...the recipe I have is for about 3 lbs of meat but makes a lot for my smaller wasn't sure again how much to make considering not the only entree or does that even matter?
Should also mention they are also having chips & salsa as apps. Wedding at 3:00 with reception to follow.
complicated not knowing the type sides or amounts of the other entrees, or what the meatballs are served with (rice? pasta?) If you start with 1 pound raw tenders per 4 plus 1 pound meatballs per 506 you will have plenty. 10 pounds meatballs takes 3 quarts sauce.

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