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How do I price catering for 100 guest wedding
Debbie V.
I was asked to cater a wedding with 100 guests. The meal is Caribbean food like pork leg, rice with pigeon peas, escabeche of green bananas and a tossed salad. How do I price this and what do I include in the pricing. Please help this is my first catering service ever.
I don't do pricing; this site is aimed at family and volunteer cooks. So check the catering forumd on the pro sites:

But, Debbie, a wedding reception is absolutely the most difficult catering job and and under no circumstances a safe first job.

It has to be perfect. Your menu is not easy, there is no appetizer plan, and you would need at least 3 people in the kitchen and 5-6 out front day of to set up, serve and clean up the party. Usually costs about 100-150 per staff.

In addition, if you are being paid, in most states it is ILLEGAL to cook food in your home kitchen; also if anyone is injured during the meal or says it made them sick, or if the clients are not satisfied, you are liable and can be sued. Paid caterers have licensed kitchens and liability insurance to cover these troubles. Do you?

Please rethink this plan.

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