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Dinner for 100

I am planning a dinner for 100 ppl.

It will be for teenagers + approx. 15 adults.

The tentative menu will be:

turkey breast - bone in
spiral ham
mac n cheese
instant mashed potatoes (or POSSIBLY your freezable ones, not sure yet)
cranberry sauce
tea & lemonade
various desserts

I am doing this as a volunteer and would be very grateful if you would help with any amounts. I can give a small donation for your help.

Thank you!

turkey breast - bone in- 2 pounds per 5
spiral ham, bone in, 1 pound per 4

mac n cheese, 10 pounds mac, 1 quart sauce per pound, 1;2 to 1 pound cheese per pound.
instant mashed potatoes (or POSSIBLY your freezable ones, not sure yet) 50 pounds fresh poatotes
All of the following are covered in the planning and shopping guide for large holiday dinners, link at the top of the Big Pots index page.
cranberry sauce

You will save some money and assure the meat stretches if you add 24-28 pounds of some kind of vegetable or vegetable mix.

tea & lemonade- see beverage planning page
various desserts- see dessert buffet page.

Good for you, hope this helps, write back if you need to or if you want me to check your estimate.

Hi Ellen,

Thank you for your reply! I gave a small donation - I wish I could give more, but since this is all volunteer effort my funds are very limited. :)

I have a question regarding reheating the food. I am going to be traveling 1.5 hours to the destination and setting up in a gymnasium. I have limited access to a kitchen (there is one, but we may not be able to access it). Was wondering if you have any suggestions regarding holding the turkey.

I have access to chafing dishes, sternos, three large 18 qt. roasting pans, but no cambros.

Any advice for safe food handling in my situation?

Thank you!

See the potato/taco bar page for info on how to preheat ice chests and use for hot transport. The main thing is, preheat, then have the food HOT when it goes in.
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