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reheating tri tip
Hi. I just found this site and LOVE IT! I am having an open house for around 120 people and would like to serve tri tip and turkey breast sandwiches. Can I cook the tri tip the day before and then reheat? What would be the best way to reheat the meat? Should I just bring it to room temperature, slice and serve room temp?

I will have other food of course, but was planning on about 18 pounds of each of the meats. I will serve the sandwiches already prepared -- do you think that is enough? Thanks so much.

Tritip doesn't reheat well, but it is delicious served room temp. That would be my choice. Usually the beef to turkey ration is 5 to 3, not 1/2 and 1/2.

Don't forget to have horseradish sauce and mustard for the beef and cranberry sauce and mayo for the turkey.

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