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Cook Talk

Sunday Dinner Church Group
I am on a Food Committee for our Church, & was wondering if I could have some help with the amounts of food for my menu. Thank you so much! We will be serving 225 people.

BBQ Meatballs
Shredded Gourmet Potatoes
Green Beans
9 x 13 pans Layer Salads
Dinner Rolls/Butter/Jelly
Assorted Pies & Icecream

BBQ Meatballs, 28 pounds per 100, 2 gallons sauce/gravy per 100
Shredded Gourmet Potatoes,assume this is a cheesy potato casserole. See the recipe at the bottom of the breakfast planning page
Green Beans, 22 pounds (4 #10 cans) per 100
9 x 13 pans Layer Salads, 20 pans
Dinner Rolls/Butter/Jelly
12 pounds rolls per 100, 3 pounds butter, 1 pound jam
Assorted Pies & Icecream, use the dessert planning page for both pies and ice cream

Coffee , see the beverage planning page use the dinner/reception level coffee

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