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Wedding Anniversary Reception for 50
HI Ellen, I am helping a friend plan her 50th wedding anniversary reception with 50 guest. The reception starts @ 3:00 pm. Will you please tell me if we have enough food amounts? Thanks!

Pork Tender Loin Sliders - 15lbs pork loin and 2 sliders per guest

Stuffed mini chicken puffs 5 per person

Mini Cheese Quiche 2 per person

2 veggie trays

2 fruit trays

6 gallons unsweetened rhasberry tea

What a happy event.

A pound of loin makes 5 regular or 10-12 slider size sandwiches, so you will have plenty, do get some extra rolls as some people will eat 3. A chutney or currant jelly makes a pleasant spread for this along with the usual mayo and mustard..

Chicken puffs, 3 per person plenty

2 quiche fine

4 pounds veggies, if you don't have that much, you might add good olives and small pickles, 1-2 quarts of each.

6-7 pounds fruits, you can always add a couple of pounds of strawberries

Here is where I would add 1 good dip or spread, 1 cup per 6-8, 3 pounds crackers or chips

People really like coffee with cake, and with this size group, a 12 cup coffee maker done s few times would be right. quart of half and half. Sugar and sweetener.

This is plenty of tea, guys are a little skeptical of flavored teas, another reason to have coffee.

If this saves you time, trouble, or money, please make a donation, a dime or quarter per guest, to support this site. Thanks.

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