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surprise birthday party for 200
We are planning a surprise birthday party for a friend. The husband has said to plan for 200 guests. About 50 of those will be family and there the whole time- i am guessing everyone else will be in an out. Mixed group of children and adults. It will be starting rigth after church and going for 2-3 hours. I want to make sure that my amounts are right- we are thinking just doing finger foods. I have looked at a couple of different articles and my numbers are getting jumbled:

small sandwiches - turkey, roast beef, salad fillings - 12# of meat?
veggie tray - 60#
meatballs - 25#
chips - 20#
fruit trays - 20#

beverages I think i am good on


200 people will be eating lunch.

small sandwiches - turkey, roast beef, salad fillings - 12# of meat? WAY LIGHT.
For a light lunch, I do 14-24 pounds of meat per 100, 7 pounds cheese per 100, 14 pounds bread/rolls per 100

veggie tray - 60#, 1 pound per 10=20 pounds, 1 pint Ranch dip per 3 pounds

meatballs - 25#- 20 OK, 6 quarts sauce

chips - 20#, OK, 1 pint dip or salsa per pound

fruit trays - 20#1 pound per 8-10

Suggest you add slaw (5 gallons) and/or a pasta or potato salad, 6-8 gallons

A full sheet cake serves 60

ok thanks for checking my amounts...

so if we want to divide the fillings between ham, turkey and something like chicken salad- how would we do that? I am thinking finger sandwiches if that makes a difference. Also, would we be able ot set out the options and the breads and have people make their own or is tat too much?

For the bread, I am looking at cocktail crossiants, mini hoagies, hawaiian buns and maybe cocktail bread or wheat rolls... they came each - although they did have a weight as well... how do i do that? so many per person?

Do bread by weight- it will have it somewhere on the package.

Consider doing lunchmeats and cheese for 150 and add 3-4 gallons of sandwich salads.

If you do self assembly, be sure to have at least 2 separate service areas, set up the same, or it will take people too long to get their food.

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