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canned sweet potatoes
I'm trying to put together a Thanksgiving dinner at work for about 100 people. About how many cans of sweet potatoes would I need. But I know that everyone does not eat them. So how would I judge how many to buy?
Also you have get 2 #10 cans of green beans for 50 people. Is a #10 can the industrial size can?
Yes, a #10 is the industrial size.

I do my ellens better green bean casserole, for 100, 4 cans of beans and 1 or two mixed chinese veg (like for chowmein). Recipe on the big pots page and a real start for T'giving.

I would do 4 cans sweet potatoes unless you are going to have plenty of stuffing and mashed potatoes, then 3 would be OK.

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