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Hi Ellen,

Thanks for your quick reply. Sorry if the following is too much information. :)

Going from last year's numbers:
This event is 99% families. Only one or two single parents; vast majority are 2 parents plus 2 or 3 children. Maybe 1 or 2 divorced parents attending as bachelor bringers. There are 8 people (four couples) who are eating, but not bringers (VIPs). I'd estimate 7 kids under the age of 4 (assuming these appetites factor into the equation differently). Looks like last year there were 25 bringer units.

If you mean income level (money mix/level) - middle class. If you mean how much do I think people are willing to spend - gosh, that's tough. $25? $30?

The occasion is Cub Scouts "Blue & Gold" banquet -- annual gathering of all of the Scout Families in the Pack, as well as a ceremony to honor the transition of the oldest boys from Cub Scouts to Boy Scouts.

This is the first year we are going potluck (we had a significant budget reduction for the event this year for unimportant to this discussion reasons). It has been catered in the past for easily $25 p/p and therefor ended up costing a family of 4 or 5 $100 -$125 or more. This year, our venue is charging $5 per head for the space, so even if bringer units pay, say $35 for food, they are still saving significantly.

One final note: I will be absorbing the cost of a professionally decorated large cake to feed all. So, while a few other dessert options might be nice, I don't anticipate "dessert" having the same emphasis as far as "categories" for the sign up as it would if the large cake wasn't accounted for.


Potluck for 100: quantities/assignments for signup
I'm in charge of organizing a potluck for apprx 100 people (55? adults 45? elementary aged kids) for Cub Scout event. EVERYTHING is potluck - food items, beverages, condiments, plates, etc.
I am preparing an online sign up sheet and prefer to be as specific as possible. (Example: 7 sign-up slots for main dishes that will each feed 10 people; 6 slots for 3 2-litre soda bottles each). Any and all guidance greatly appreciated!

Trying to be "do it yourself" on your site, but having difficulty determining what portion sizes to list and how many "slots."

11/20/15 You need the "Planning the Practically Perfect Potluck" worksheet that I am working up for sale! Someday it will be an app...
I plan the divisions by balancing price, for example, 3 2 liter sodas is too small an assignment compared to meats-

So are these families? How many are singles or single parents? What is the money mix or level? I need you to tell me how many "bringers", assuming a bachelor is one and a family is also one. Also, what event.

Write back with more info.

PPS - one category needs to be S'mores fixings, as we have a fire pit for that purpose. Also - I've done some polling about the potluck and people have been 100% favorable about potluck in general and informality and variety potluck food offers, as opposed to the "wedding chicken" phenomenon of "affordable catering." :) In other words, we don't need fancy food, but kid-friendly, ample and tasty.
25 bringer units? Need a few more!

entree sign up
serves 8 (eg, full 9x13, 2 chickens/ 16 pieces)
12 slots

serves 12 (eg, 9x13, or 3-4 quarts)
8 slots

starchy side dishes
serves 12 (full 9x13, 3 quarts)
8 slots

6 pounds plus 1 pound butter
2 slots

plates, napkins, glasses and plastic silverware for 40
3 slots

S'mores fixings
Each 36 s'mores
18 Hershey's Milk Chocolate Bars, 4 packages of graham crackers (that's one very large box), and 1 large bag of marshmallows

I would give this 3 signup slots, the chocolate is not cheap.

A full sheet or 2 layer half sheet serves 60.

Hope this helps.

Thanks Ellen, you are amazing. Your guidance is definitely valuable and I will happily make a donation for your time and talent. Would love to know when the app is available!

PS - trying to figure out how to up our "bringer" units. So many kids.... Maybe make the Cub Scout dens have a cooking night!

Or see local grocers/restaurants for donations, such as the s'more ingredients, gallon potato salad or slaw, etc. Then put a nice name mentioning "thanks to our sponsors" at the bottom of the sheet and mention their generosity on your FB page (you do have an FB page, right?).
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