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Cooking Potatoes in an Electric Roaster-220 people
We are cooking the meal for a wedding - guest list is 220... We have 40 lbs brisket (after trimming) and 60 lbs of pork loin. They are going to be smoked, cooled and sliced the day before. We intend to refrigerate the meat in baggies with their cooking juices and reheat in roasters on the wedding day. How can I ensure the meat won't dry out?
Is this enough meat for 220 people? If it makes a difference - the meal consists of sliced pork, sliced brisket, baby potatoes, green beans, corn, homemade coleslaw and rolls.
Also - NEED MAJOR HELP - we are doing baby gold potatoes (olive oil, garlic and herbs) - these are delicious roasted in the oven but I don't have the time for oven roasting on wedding day... We have 70 lbs - can these be 'roasted' in the electric roaster on the day of the wedding with minimal 'care' and if so, how long and what temperature?? I can't find any information or recipe about cooking baby potatoes in an electric roaster.

Thank you for your help!!!!

Jennifer, it is enough pork but quite short on beef, which is preferred in most crowds. I would not start with less than 60-70 pounds ready to serve.

There are several difficulties with your potatoes. They will not get crispy and roasty in the roasters, it cooks too moist. You will need 4 roasters, minimum. 70 pounds is MUCH less potatoes than I would make for this size crowd if it is the only starch; 100 pounds would be the minimum, and that is 5-6 roasters!

And there is a BIG roaster difficulty. Each one requires a separate circuit, and most kitchens have at most 2-3. You are looking at 10-12 for the meats and potatoes (20 pounds meat per roaster); I have never seen a venue that would support this number.

If you have access to large covered propane grills, the meat could be wrapped in foil packets with the juices and reheated in the preheated grills.

You have some major logistics work to do on this event.

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