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a soup meal for a wedding reception
kelli minyard
Im trying to quote a wedding reception with soup being the dinner. It's for 150 people and the 3 soups are broccoli and cheese, loaded potato, and Brunswick stew. Also, a bread selection. Any idea on how to guess how many bowls per person? Will people eat one big bowl or sample all 3? Ive never done anything with soup like this....
Usually, with three soups, there is one meaty, one veggie/tomatoey/beany, and one creamy, so you have an excess of creamy here, which makes the estimate of the split more difficult.

Generally, I estimate 1 quart soup per each 3 people. How the flavors are divided depends on the region.

Bread, you want 15 pounds of good breads/rolls per 100. In baskets an tables best, butter and perhaps dipping oils.

A side dish of small roasted potatoes or other roasted veg would be a good addition.

If you are going to do this lite a meal, you need a good appetizer plans with cheeses and meats such as summer sausage and ham. Also, some kind of relish tray or antipasto vegetables.

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